Monday, 12 June 2017

Term 2, Week 7 

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Over the weekend Stanley Avenue School was visited by a hot air balloon. Families came to school bright and early to watch the balloon get inflated and some lucky children (and their parents) even got to have a ride in it! 
Take a look at a few of the past and present Room 8 students taking a ride!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Term 2, Week 5

Language Experience

In Room 8 we have been focusing on developing our oral language and writing through language experiences. We aim to do one language experience each week where we make/draw/do something interesting, discuss the experience, record adjectives/describing words as a class about the experience, and then write about the experience using the exciting words we have come up with.
So far this term we have had lots of different language experiences, including drawing our own superheroes, making magic hats, making Gruffalo masks, exploring the ice in the playground on a frosty morning and just this week we made oobleck slime!
We are having so much fun with our oral language and writing!

Gruffalo Masks

Oobleck Slime

Pirate Book Week

Last week the book fair came to Stanley Ave. The theme this year was Pirates and the Room 8 children had a blast checking out all the amazing books for sale in our school library. It was fantastic to see our class getting excited about wanting to buy new books to read. 
On Friday we had our dress up day where the children (and teachers!) came to school dressed as their favourite book character or a pirate.
Look at our awesome costumes!

Checking out the book fair!

We had so much fun dressing up!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Term 2, Week 2

Magic Hats

Yesterday Room 8 students got creative and created magic hats which we will be writing about. We had lots of fun decorating our magic wizard hats with splashes of colour, sparkly pom poms and loads of glitter! Our focus was on talking about what we were doing and the special features of our hats. We had some fantastic conversations which will help us to write our stories... 
Keep a look out for our magic hats when you visit Room 8 and also for the writing that will go alongside them!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Term 1, Week 11

Making Coconut Ice With Room 3

Today we were lucky enough to have the Room 3 seniors come into Room 8 and show us how to make coconut ice! We did this as part of an Easter themed Tuakana-Teina session. We worked in small groups to complete four different Easter activities. One activity involved the junior Room 8 students teaching the senior Room 3 students how to make a 'zentangle' patterned Easter Bunny. Another activity was writing a story to go with a funny Easter Bunny picture. Our favourite part was making the coconut ice by following a recipe Room 3 has been using this term. Finally we made Easter baskets to put our coconut ice in to take home. It was loads of fun and Room 8 look forward to working with Room 3 again next term!

Room 8 would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!
Term 2 starts on Monday 1st May. See you then!

Friday, 31 March 2017

Term 1, Week 9

Tuakana Teina

This week we had our second Tuakana Teina session with our senior buddy class, Room 3! 
This week our focus was on Te Reo. Room 8 shared a song we have been learning in Te Reo with Room 3 called 'Tutira Mai' and then they joined in with us. Room 3 also showed us a hand clapping pattern to go with our 'Tutira Mai' song and some children even got to use the Rakau! 

We had heaps of fun! Check it out...

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Term 1, Week 8

Let's Paint!

This week we practised our painting skills by painting our book boxes in bright colours. When we started at Stanley Ave we were given a book box that is ours to keep. As we have moved through the junior school  they have started to become a bit old and worn because we use them every day. Now that we are the big Year 2 and 3 kids of the junior school, our book boxes definitely need a revamp!

There was lots of learning involved in painting our book boxes. For example we learnt how to put lots of paint on our brushes and paint in strokes that go in the same direction. Some of us decided that we shouldn't paint the underside of the boxes because that will make it tricky (and sticky) to put anywhere to dry. We also discovered that in order to make our book box colour stand out and to cover all the old brown, we needed at least two coats of paint, which we did across two days. 

We had lots of fun getting our hands dirty in the paint!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Term 1, Week 7

Rippa Rugby

Today we were lucky enough to be coached in Rippa Rugby. We learnt that is is important to hold the ball with two hands so we do not drop it and to always keep our head up when running to look where we are going.
Take a look at us in action!